Geometry does not seem to produce what I need and goes for the default values. The text is 18 by 14 cm in this case, but not anywhere near to 18 by 11 cm.





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    you are specifying the layout options not the size of the text block – David Carlisle Apr 29 at 18:37
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    possibly you want [text={11cm,18cm}] – David Carlisle Apr 29 at 18:44
  • This `\tolerance=1 \emergencystretch=\maxdimen \hyphenpenalty=10000 \hbadness=10000' allows to avoid word-breaking at line ends. Why? 1. Ancient Greek text, no word-wrap is possible, 2. some texts I have to deliver for further editing by other people in Word, I leave it to the people on the other end to turn on word-wrap and word-breaking if they so desire. – Dmitry Starostin Apr 29 at 20:11
  • All worked perfectly, thank you. – Dmitry Starostin Apr 29 at 20:25
  • It is self-contradictory, but it is a necessary tradeoff in two cases: 1. justified text in Ancient languages 2. Russian texts to be edited on the other side: Russian words are longer, so to avoid unwanted word-breaks [which in some cases I had to remove and adjust by hand] I have to use a very strict and rigid rule. It is one button in Word to torn word-breaking back on. – Dmitry Starostin Apr 29 at 20:35

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