In some notes I took in a lecture, where I was using xymatrix to do the commutative diagrams, I found that a curved arrow beneath the diagram actually crossed over some text. (Ideally, the text should be lowered to accommodate the height of the "equation.") Here's a minimal working example:



\Spec B^G \ar[r] \ar@/_2pc/[rr] & \Spec \widetilde{R} \ar[r] & \Spec R
\\ }\]



Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug? In either case, how do I correct it, in a way simple enough to work when I am taking lecture notes in real time?

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I don't know whether to classify this as a bug or a feature. :)

You can cure it by assigning an empty label to the curved arrow:

  \Spec B^G \ar[r] \ar@/_2pc/[rr]_{} & \Spec \widetilde{R} \ar[r] & \Spec R

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