I wanna make a diagram like this:enter image description here

How can I draw such a “jointed” path?

  • Could you perhaps at least show what you tried so far? There are several ways to make such a diagram. Help us help you by showing a bit of your code. Thank you! May 1, 2020 at 12:57

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One way is to use tikz-cd.


\begin{tikzcd}[/tikz/column 1/.style={column sep=4em},
    /tikz/column 4/.style={column sep=4em},
    every arrow/.append style={-stealth,semithick}]
 & \text{divisor} \arrow[rr]& & \text{existence} 
 \arrow[dr,rounded corners=1em,to path={-- ++ (4em,0) |- (\tikztotarget)}]& \\
 \arrow[ur,rounded corners=1em,to path={-- ++ (4em,0) |- (\tikztotarget)}]
 \arrow[dr,rounded corners=1em,to path={-- ++ (4em,0) |- (\tikztotarget)}]
 & & & & \text{UFD} \\
 & \text{GCD}\arrow[r] & \text{primeness}\arrow[r,"" {marking,name=p,pos=0.8}] &
 \arrow[ur,rounded corners=1em,to path={-- ++ (4em,0) |- (\tikztotarget)}]& \\

enter image description here

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