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Block with out title space in a specific position and certain length (for Title box in a poster)

I am preparing a poster with beamer. In title box, there is a blue banner space. How can I remove it? I write the title in such a way:


\Large {\textbf{\textcolor{violet!90}{Anticipated Complexities of Landfill to Estimate Fugitive $\mathrm{CH_{4}}$  using Micro-Meteorological Method.}}}\\
\normalsize {\textbf{ T$^1$, T$^1$, J$^1$, R$^2$}}\\ 
\textcolor {black}  {1.University of Alberta ~ 2.Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada}

Also I have declare varblock to set the position in specific position inside the textblock.

    \usebeamertemplate{block begin}}
    \usebeamertemplate{block end}%

enter image description here

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