How to display "(" or ")" inside chemfig environment. For example I what to write following chemical formula:

enter image description here

My try, I used \text{(} and \text{)} to get "(" and ")" inside the chemfig environment. But I now can't able to get the double bond 'O' properly.

    \chemfig{3 \text{(} ^{-}OC=OCH_2 \text{)}_2C \text{(} OH \text{)} C=OO^{-}}

I get following output:

enter image description here

When I try to make the double bond vertical by adding "[:90]" in between '=' and 'O':

\chemfig{3 \text{(} ^{-}OC=[:90]OCH_2 \text{)}_2C \text{(} OH \text{)} C=[:90]OO^{-}}

I get weird output like:

enter image description here

Any suggestion will be of great help.!


Here is a way. Basically I first write the horizontal part of the molecule and at the end I add the oxo parts. Usually parentheses denote branches forchemfig. In order to print them they must be put in braces. The real branches at the end can be placed at the right position with chemfig's departure atom option (the number at the third position in the option of the bonds).




enter image description here

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