Any good WYSIWYG based latex editor software which might be useful for making instructional videos, say, in mathematics or other subjects?

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    What is your question? Please re-edit and add more context. – AboAmmar May 2 at 17:42
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    Some editors as Gummi can show live previews but of complete LaTeX documents. This is not the case of this site, that does not use Mathjax (and moreover, is off-topic here). – Fran May 3 at 1:04
  • @Fran, I have edited my question. You can post this comment as an answer. Actually, I was looking for an editor with live previews. – mark haokip May 3 at 7:52

There a comprehensive revision of LaTeX Editors/IDEs in this site with a somewhat standardized checklist of features, and one of them is the "Built-in Output Viewer".

Other "must have" for your purpose could be the "Syntax Highlighting" and maybe othes and "Code Completion", "SyncTeX", etc.

Among these, Gummi could be a good option because is very simple, but unlike many others editors with built-in viewers, can be configured to compile automatically every x seconds, so that the changes in code are showed almost in real time with small documents. But feel free to compare to others of the list. In most cases is free. :)

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