the document translator-numbers-dictionary-Turkish.dict contains a typo in the command


which should be corrected as


It is possible to fix this problem by using codes in preamble of my beamer tex document without fixing the typo in the dic file?

Thank you.

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    \newtranslation{Four}{D\"{o}rt} or possibly \newtranslation[to=Turkish]{Four}{D\"{o}rt} in the preamble I guess. – cgnieder May 4 at 9:07
  • @cgnieder Thank you for the link, it seems that somebody has already reported. Btw, it did not work. I still get ! Too many }'s error. – bkarpuz May 4 at 9:09
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    You didn't mention the error before but it makes sense: the dictionary is loaded, anyway. In that case you should fix the file and place it in your local tex tree until translator is fixed. – cgnieder May 4 at 9:15

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