I would like to draw a 1x3 grid in the top tree node, then fill the two leftmost cells of the grid.

This is my code:

\node {\tikz\draw[step=.2cm] (0, 0) grid (.6, .2); \tikz\fill (0,0) rectangle (.4,.2)}
    child {node {\tikz\draw[step=.2cm] (0, 0) grid (.6, .2);}
    child {node {\tikz\draw[step=.2cm] (0, 0) grid (.6, .2);};

It outputs this:

enter image description here

How can I get the rectangle to fill inside the grid?

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    This nests tikzpictures, which is not supported.
    – user194703
    May 4, 2020 at 18:05

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Your approach nests tikzpictures, which is not supported. Rather, you an use the path picture of nodes to draw the grid. Also, I recommend forest for drawing trees (yet the grid node style defined below works in plain TikZ as well, of course).

\tikzset{grid/.style args={#1/#2}{draw,minimum height=1ex,minimum width=#1*1ex,
path picture={\foreach \XX in {1,...,\the\numexpr#1-1}
{\draw ([xshift=\XX*1ex]path picture bounding box.south west) --
([xshift=\XX*1ex]path picture bounding box.north west);
\foreach \XX in {1,...,#2}
{\fill ([xshift=1ex-\XX*1ex]path picture bounding box.south east) rectangle
([xshift=-\XX*1ex]path picture bounding box.north east);

enter image description here

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