I have been trying for a while with the use of previous questions without luck.

Making the matrix itself is no problem,

        k_0 \times k \\
        k_1 \times k \\
        k_2 \times k \\
        \vdots \\
        k_N \times k \\

But I want to have a curly bracket on the left side of the matrix indicating that the sum of k's = k like this:



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    I am not sure I understand the question but perhaps k\left\{\begin{pmatrix...\end{pmatrix}\right. ? – David Carlisle May 5 at 10:49
  • Well that was simple, thanks a lot! – emilk May 5 at 13:36

You can use

\[ k\left\{\begin{pmatrix} ...\end{pmatrix}\right. \]

To get a brace to the left of the matrix

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