It's more comfortable writing my questions in LyX then copying the text as MathJax code and post it in MathExchange. the problem is that every time I need to do this copy and paste I need to delete certain things like brackets and so on.

I have seen a similar question on Tex but there was no real solution for the problem: Lyx: exporting document in a "MathJax compatible" way

is there any new way to solve this problem?

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    Welcome to tex.sx. Ordinarily I would suggest checking the LyX website for information, but I've looked there and a search for "MathJax" in their documentation area doesn't turn up a single occurrence. Not promising. – barbara beeton May 8 at 16:14
  • Hi @barbarabeeton, Actually I'm using now the suggestion that is in the similar question. turns out it's not that bad. Thanks!. – Firas Ali Abdel Ghani May 8 at 16:20

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