I'm writing a scientific article. I found that the best option is to use the IEEEtran document class:


But in this document the command


doesn't seem to do anything, and i cannot enumerate the pages.

How can i show page numbers in this document class?

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The \pagenumbering macro does not actually force page numbers to be typeset. It only does two things. First, it governs the style of the page numbers, i.e, it determines whether the page numbers are typeset as arabic numerals, lowercase or uppercase Roman numerals, lowercase or uppercase alphabetic letters, etc. (Well, there is also \pagenumbering{gobble}, which does render the page "numbers" invisible.) Second, \pagenumbering resets the page counter variable to zero.

The recognized options for \pagenumbering in the standard LaTeX document classes are arabic, roman, Roman, alph, and Alph, The alphalph package provides two additional arguments: alphalph and AlphAlph, for numbering with two alphabetic characters, increasing the number of permissible page numbers from 26 to 26*26=576. Other packages and document classes may provided additional styles.

The IEEEtran document class provides the following instructions (cf. lines 5631 ff. in IEEEtran.cls):


The headings page style, which is defined in the LaTeX kernel, places page numbers (and other pieces of information) in the header row.

If the IEEEtran document class is loaded with the option conference, the macro \ifCLASSOPTIONconference evaluates to 'true' and the following lines of code also get executed (cf. lines 2471 ff. in IEEEtran.cls):

% turn off headers for conferences

That's why no page numbers are typeset if the conference class option is set.

So, what to do if you do want to show page numbers?

  • If you wish to show the page numbers centered in the footer of the document, simply insert (a) the instruction


    in the preamble and (b) \thispagestyle{plain} immediately after \maketitle. (That's the instruction you'll find in several answers given to this posting.)

  • If, however, you wish to typeset the page number at the left-hand edge of the header line, you should execute


    If you need to show a page number on the very first page, I would recommend that you run \thispagestyle{plain} after \maketitle, as it's customary to leave the header row blank on the first page of a document (or major division such as "chapter").

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