I'm typesetting a document using the nature document class. I'm having trouble specifying the desired location of a table float in the document. Concretely, I do the following:

        A & B \\
        1 & 6 \\ 
        2 & 10\\ 

However, this results in the location specifier being printed verbatim before the table:


What can I do to specify the location like I would in any other document type?

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    From Nature.cls: "%% Redefine the figure and table environments. %% The new figure environment defers printing of all figure captions %% until the end of the document and prints them in sans serif font. [...] %% The table environment was just changed to print on a separate page in %% sans serif font. Tables should all be moved to the end of the document %% manually. " – leandriis May 8 '20 at 11:55

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