I would like to cite a source in my text. However, instead of the standard citation call-out I want to display a custom phrase which still works as a hyperlink to the source in my references.

None of the options of \cite allow me that. I am using \usepackage{natbib}. I use the jf.bst file from: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/stanton/texintro/ website. I employ authoryear-style citations.


I use the nice overview of S\&P's Report.

S\&P's Report should be displayed as the citation call-out and be linked to the same bib entry as \cite{SPReport2015}.


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    Which bibliography style does your document employ? And, does your document employ numeric--style or authoryear-style citation call-outs?
    – Mico
    May 9, 2020 at 8:55
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    I use the jf.bst file from: faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/stanton/texintro website. I employ authoryear-style citations. @Mico
    – PSA
    May 9, 2020 at 8:59

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The natbib package provides a method for "aliasing" entries, so that custom citation call-outs can be created. See section 2.6, "Citation aliasing", in the package's user guide. There are two key steps. First, define an alias with \defcitealias, e.g.,

\defcitealias{SPReport2015}{S\&P's report}

Second, use this alias in a citation call-out by writing \citetalias{SPReport2015} instead of \citet{SPReport2015}, or \citepalias{SPReport2015} instead of \citep{SPReport2015}.

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@misc{SPReport2015,author={{Standard \& Poor's}}, title="Report", year=2015}

\defcitealias{SPReport2015}{S\&P's report}

\usepackage[colorlinks,allcolors=blue]{hyperref} % optional

I use the nice overview of \citetalias{SPReport2015}.

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