I am using biblatex and I am trying to put a comma between the author and year.

If I use


the result is

(Grand View Research 2019)

instead of

(Grand View Research, 2019)

I have tried the different solutions proposed in this post, but unsuccessfully it didn't work. Maybe the command has been changed since 2013?

How to add a comma between author and year


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should still work, but nameyeardelim is a context-senstive delimiter now, so you should use


with a current version of biblatex.


\usepackage[style=authoryear, backend=biber]{biblatex}




(Sigfridsson and Ryde, 1998)

  • @Kalandrak Do not use both! Just use one of the two: \DeclareDelimFormat{nameyeardelim}{\addcomma\space} with a current version of biblatex and \renewcommand*{\nameyeardelim}{\addcomma\space} for outdated versions of biblatex.
    – moewe
    May 10, 2020 at 10:11
  • @Kalandrak I really can't imagine a legitimate situation where both commands might be needed. So if you have one, I'd be very eager to see it. Can you prepare a short example document/MWE: tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/228/35864
    – moewe
    May 10, 2020 at 10:16
  • Thank you moewe. I did the change as you suggested, and it is working fine (current version of biblatex).
    – Kalandrak
    May 10, 2020 at 10:17

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