How to draw sine wave graph which starts at (-5, 0.5) and ends at (5, 1.5)?


\begin{axis}[xlabel=$x(t)$, ylabel=$t$, grid=major,xmin=-5
xmax=5, ymin=-2, ymax=2, domain=-5:5]
\addplot[blue, line width=1pt, samples=20]
expression{sin(180*x) ??? };

It seems thatyou like to draw superposition $0.5 + \sin(x)$. This function in pgfplots is {0.5+sin(180*x)}:

enter image description here


    xlabel=$x(t)$, ylabel=$t$, 
    xmin=-5, xmax=5, 
    ymin=-2, ymax=2, 
\addplot[blue, line width=1pt] {0.5+sin(180*x)};
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