I want something like a tcolorbox but that it's width and heigth is just as large as its content, I mean that the margin of the box is as tight as possible and the box is centered, is important too that I can enter things like verbatim or lst listings, like I would be able to in a regular tcolorbox

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    Welcome! \tcbox does precisely that. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tcolorbox} \begin{document} \tcbox{A tight tcolorbox.} \end{document}. – user194703 May 11 at 5:35
  • yeah but I can't use verbatim inside that \tcbox{} – Rodolfo Reyes S. May 11 at 19:32

tcolorbox already has this. You basically need the hbox key. For example,


listing only,enhanced,drop fuzzy shadow,hbox,
frame style={upper left=blue,upper right=red,lower left=yellow,lower right=green}, 
interior style={left color=blue!30,right color=cyan!30,middle
color=white,shading angle=10}}


WRITE (*,(2I6,F10.4)) istart,istop,step

enter image description here

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  • Thank you so much, I hadn't thought about \newtcblisting because I was going for verbatim, because with lstlisting the tcolorbox took the width of the page, but I solved that problem by eliminating "\lstset{style=mystyle}", you see I had defined mystyle for other codes, but now when I want to use that style I just add [style=mystyle], so thank you again, you've solved all of my problems – Rodolfo Reyes S. May 11 at 20:01

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