\author{Author\thanks{ \footnotesize{Some Notes}}\\ \\ 1\\
2\\ \\ 3 \\4}
%  \\ \\ \small{\textit{Latest version available \textbf{here}}}


I want to have "Latest version available here" placed between 4 and the date. How can that be done? Also how can a link be added to the word "here"?

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    Using \maketitle and titlepage at the same time have no sense: Choose: (1) Use \maketitle and be in peac with what comes out, or (2) use titlepage without using \title \author, \date and \maketitle, i.e., then contents and the format of this page is up to you. – Fran Jun 11 '20 at 11:45

You can find detailed examples of how to customize title pages here: How to customize my titlepage?

As for including links, you can use the hyperref package and include your hyperlink as

Latest version available \href{http://www.latest.version}{here}.

Try this:

\date{{\small\textit{Latest version available \textbf{here}}}\\ \medskip\today}

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