I always love kile. But I hate the problem that a long paragraph in kile goes beyond the screen and results in horizontal scrolling. I know this should a trivial problem and easily solved using some sort of wrapping. However, I am lost in so many settings and stackexchange Q&A. I hope I could explain my problem. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I am so frustrated because I could not find a working answer to this simple question which everyone should face in Kile. Sometimes I feel the humankind is not going forward to a simple and easy to understand world!

Edit: I figured it out. Kile has a problem (possibly a bug) that the word wrapping actually works after some time you pressed the ok button. At least for me this happened.


In KILE, go to Settings --> Configure Kile --> Editor --> Appearance tab. Here you will find options on Word Wrap, which you can use. Another option is to wrap text after n characters. This option can be set fromSettings --> Configure Kile --> Editor --> Editing tab.

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