I'm following this csvsimple documentation and I've come across an issue with my csv file having a reserved character: # and I've tried escaping it with a blackslash(\) and I've tried appending [respect sharp] to \csvreader (since you can escape the underscore by doing that) but to no avail. I know you can use [respect sharp] with \csvautotabular, but I can't seem to find out how to do this with csvreader

This is my code:

   & Person & Matr.~No.\\\hline\hline
   \csvreader[tabular=|r|l|l|, table head=\hline, table foot=\hline]%
   {\thecsvrow & \name & \desc}%

This is my csv code:

name, description
Locking, {Priced standard #2.  Priced outside #1.}

Getting an Illegal parameter number in definition of \csv@col@body error


The respect sharp key is indeed the correct key to use. Your code doesn't really compile to what I think you want (it's helpful for future question to embed the code into a complete compilable document that people can play with.)

Here's a version of the code you posted. As you can see, both csvautotabular and csvreader allow the same respect sharp option. I removed the tabular specification inside the csvreader command, since you don't really want a table within a table I don't think.

name, description
Locking,{Priced standard #2.  Priced outside #1.}
\csvautotabular[respect sharp]{\jobname.csv}


   & Person & Matr.~No.\\\hline\hline
   \csvreader[ table head=\hline, table foot=\hline, respect sharp]%
   {\thecsvrow & \name & \desc}

output of code

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