I am comfortable with creating basic LaTeX documents and making minor modifications to templates I can find online, but not much more. The Oxford Bioinformatics journal has an awesome template here that I am trying to modify for a school assignment.

The template uses a two-column layout, but if there is not enough text to fill the final page, it distributes the text evenly between the two columns. Is there a way I can modify this template so that the first column is filled before any text flows over to the second column? I've been able to make most of the layout modifications I need in the bioinfo.cls file, but I cannot figure this one out.


The bioinfo class loads the flushend package which (according to the UK TeX FAQ in a "somewhat dangerous" way) balances the columns at the end of a two-column document. You should be able to switch off balancing by adding \raggedend to your preamble.

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I like to use the multicol package over the documentclass option for two column layouts. multicol does column balancing by default, and overall I feel it works much better than the document class option.

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  • I'll have to check this package out. I do very little with creating documents from scratch--I usually just adapt templates for my needs. But that sounds like a good place to start. – Daniel Standage Nov 16 '10 at 4:00

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