I have a problem with the apa7 and biblatex packages and the bibliography section. I'm writing in Spanish, so I put the line \setcounter{smartand}{1} to avoid the "&" symbol in documents with 3+ authors. But while the cites looks fine in the text (with "e" or "y" depending the context), in the bibliography section the symbol "&" continues to appear. How can I avoid the use of that symbol in the reference section?

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    Welcome to TeX.se. Could you edit your question to include a minimal document that shows what you're doing. – Alan Munn May 14 '20 at 17:29

biblatex-apa has a special name delimiter macro (name:delim:apa:family-given) that needs to be redefined if you want to use smartand. Due to the way smartand is reset by biblatex-apa we also need two additional lines of code in \DefineBibliographyExtras{spanish}.

Together we get


\usepackage[style=apa, backend=biber]{biblatex}


       test {\ifnumless{\value{listcount}}{\value{liststop}}}
       test \ifmorenames

  author  = {Humphrey Appleby and Humphrey Appleby and Humphrey Ippleby},
  title   = {On the Importance of the Civil Service},
  date    = {1980},

Lorem \autocite{sigfridsson,companion,appleby}

Lorem (Appleby y col., 1980; Goossens y col., 1994; Sigfridsson y Ryde, 1998)//Appleby, H., Appleby, H. e Ippleby, H. (1980).//Goossens, M., Mittelbach, F. y Samarin, A. (1994).

  • It works! Thanks you, this thing made me mad yesterday. – Alcarendor May 15 '20 at 7:51
  • @Alcarendor Well, biblatex-apa implements all idiosyncrasies of APA style as closely as possible, so it can be harder to modify if you want something that is not APA style. – moewe May 15 '20 at 11:05

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