how i can transform the number pages for report to number roman like this form

enter image description here

i use this command


The following code defines an scroman numbering:

  {\if#1ij\else#1\fi}% si #2 est vide
  {#1\@oldstyleroman#2\@nil}% si #2 n'est pas vide
\def\scroman#1{\expandafter\@scroman\csname c@#1\endcsname}
\def\@scroman#1{{\scshape\romannumeral #1}}

I also have a variant (oldstyleroman numbering) which reproduces a style in use until the middle 19th century: when the final letter of a number is an i, this final letter is replaced with j. It is also possible to define an oldstylescroman numbering, which combines both features.

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  • great it's work thank you – mamy mamy May 14 at 22:28

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