I am trying to figure out how to ALWAYS add the default separator to my custom tcbtheorem.

As the title suggests, I use the tcolorbox package and define the environment with the newtcbtheorem. The separator (standard :) is only shown when there is a title given.

I didn't get far with the documentation on this one.

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    Please show us an example of small complete document with code which you try so far.
    – Zarko
    May 17, 2020 at 14:19

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In the following example, a new tcolorbox boolean option force separator sign is provided.



% new tcolorbox boolean option "force seperator sign"
  force seperator sign/.is if=tcb@thm@separatorsign,
  force seperator sign/.default=true


% thm env always shows "separator sign"
  separator sign=., 
  force seperator sign

% cor env hides "seperator sign" if thm-title is empty

  ``separator sign" is forced to be typeset in ``thm" env.

  ``separator sign" is forced to be typeset in ``thm" env.



enter image description here

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