I need to have for all my tables the labels "Continued on next page" and "Continued from previous page" in greek. Is that possible?

I know that for each table I can define \endhead \endfirsthead \endfoot \endlastfoot. But I'd like to define it only once and not for each table.

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    longtable has no global settings, just add the text to the table, as you would in English. May 17, 2020 at 21:27

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I'm not sure if you'd find this solution interesting, but it uses the longtblr environment from the tabularray package. If you want table breaks and captions to be automatically created in your own language (I'm using Italian in the example since I don't know Greek), you can do the following:



\tl_set:Nn \tblrcontfootname { Continua ~ nella ~ pagina ~ successiva }

\tl_set:Nn \tblrcontheadname { ( Continua ) }


\vspace*{17cm} % Random space added
% solely to ensure the table reaches
% the bottom of the page

Persona & Pizza & Pasta & Mandolino \\
Antonio & Sì & No & No \\
Giorgio & Sì & No & No \\
Margherita & Sì & No & No \\
Luchino & Sì & No & No

The code enclosed by %%% allows you to globally modify the two expressions according to your preferences. In my case, it's what transforms this: original version into this: enter image description here

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