I have included the command \usepackage{minitoc} in preamble and amended the code

\hypersetup{pdftitle=\ttitle} % Set the PDF's title to your title
\hypersetup{pdfauthor=\authorname} % Set the PDF's author to your name
\hypersetup{pdfkeywords=\keywordnames} % Set the PDF's keywords to your keywords

After \begin{document} I then have

\tableofcontents % Prints the main table of contents
\mbox{Word count: \wordcount words} % Add word count at end of contents table

\listoffigures % Prints the list of figures
\listoftables % Prints the list of tables

And then within the subfile Chapter1.tex I have the format:

% Chapter 1

\chapter{Introduction} % Main chapter title
\label{Chap1:Intro} % Change X to a consecutive number; for referencing this chapter elsewhere, use \ref{ChapterX}


\section{The Steam Turbine}

When compiling the document though no minitoc shows at the start of Chap.1. Why is this? Is minitoc compatible with subfile?

  • Anyone got ideas? – phald May 21 '20 at 9:03

My file contained several chapters that were not actual chapters i.e. list of figures, list of tables, abstract.

To account for these it was necessary to include the command \mtcaddchapter. It must be included for the number of additional chapters so in the case above this would be three commands of mtcaddchapter. It should be added after the \tableofcontents command.

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