Is there a better way of formatting statistical values in continuous text than this?

The participants of the study were on average \num{33.5} years old (min=22, max=51, $\sigma$ =8.55, median=34).

I especially dislike the inconsistent representation of the symbols and the non-conformity of the equal signs within the brackets.

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    You need ...years old ($\mathrm{min} = 22$, $\mathrm{max} = 51$, $\sigma = 8.55$, $\mathrm{median} = 34$). Alternatively, since some are text, you could also use \text. – Werner May 21 at 22:37
  • Note that \min and \max can be used in math mode. You can create new functions like \std using \DeclareMathOperator (page 19 of amsmath). – John Kormylo May 22 at 14:42

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