This is my first question here, I did search but uhmm haven't found the answer. I have a document that must follow the next rules: The chapter header in uppercase and bold and arial 13 pt; section header in lowercase and arial 13 pt; subsection header in lowercase and slanted font and arial 13 pt; and finally the main font for the document is arial 12 pt.

Following enter link description here Along with the scrbook guide (p. 55) I can almost get it, except for the chapter header that I am not sure how to make at the same time bold and in small caps.


\chapter{Un título bastante largo para probar}
Algo de texto ¿Por qué no?
\section{Un título bastante largo para probar}
Algo de texto ¿Por qué no?
\subsection{Un título un poquitillo más largo}
Algo de texto ¿Por qué no?, así es.

Any help is extremely appreciated.


You write you "can almost get it", but your description of the sought formatting doesn't match your example (which, BTW, I couldn't test because I lack the uarial package and the \increase command). That said, the following KOMA-Script font settings should do what you want:


If you need capitals instead of small capitals for \chapter (or if uarial doesn't provide bold, sans-serif, small capitals), replace \scshape with \MakeUppercase.

  • Well, here it says how to install and use uarial [link] (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/23957/…). What I think the increase command does is to increment 1 pt the normal font (which is arial 12pt). Maybe it is to some other package. \MakeUppercase does the trick. Thanks. May 7 '12 at 3:46
  • @murpholinox You're welcome -- and don't forget to upvote and accept my answer. :-)
    – lockstep
    May 7 '12 at 4:50

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