I've written a thing in LaTeX that I need to submit as a docx or doc file. I have a font that I specified with

\setmainfont{ FONT }

If I pandoc assignment.tex -o assignment.docx (or to HTML, ODT, from PDF, etc) the font is replaced with Times New Roman and the double spacing is removed (\usepackage{setspace} and \doublespacing). In additon, some newlines have a grey background color, which is really weird. Using lualatex to compile to a pdf works perfectly, and then nothing else works at all. I've seen multiple questions about compiling to a docx, but none of the proposed solutions ended up working. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    You're lucky if it just gives you those general formatting problems, which are easily solvable. If you need to make this conversion often, maybe using a custom Word template could solve the problem of the font and interline spacing. – Fran May 23 at 3:54
  • @Fran ah okay, thanks. – Lincoln May 23 at 14:17

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