I want to replace all name delimiters by "--", so it shall be "Author1 -- Author2 -- Author3" instead of "Author1, Author2 and Author3".

Currently I am using this code:



  \quad% or \addspace

I hope someone can help me - I am trying to get a bibliography which fits the rules of Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI).


To change the delimiters to, e.g., dashes both for citations and in the bibliography, add the following to your preamble:


Preamble code for changing the delimiters only in the bibliography:


Preamble code for changing the delimiters only for citations:


I recommend to use the biblatex-style archaeologie which covers the citation rules of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (German Archaeological Institute).

Furthermore you can cite ancient works with this style.

See the description of the style in English and a short description in German.

Consider this MWE:




And these bibliography entries:

  title        = {Cosa},
  subtitle     = {Republican Colony in Etruria},
  journaltitle = ClJ,
  shortjournal = ClJ-short,
  volume       = {45},
  pages        = {141--149},
  year         = {1949},
  label        = {Cosa},
  number       = {1},

  author       = {Evangelidis, Vasilis},
  title        = {Agoras {and} Fora},
  subtitle     = {Developments in the Central Public Space of the Cities of Greece during the {Roman} Period},
  journaltitle = BSA,
  shortjournal = BSA-short,
  volume       = {109},
  pages        = {335--356},
  year         = {2014},
  doi          = {10.1017/s006824541400015x},

  author  = {Mastrocinque, Attilio and Saggioro, Fabio},
  title   = {Magnetometry at Grumentum in Ancient Lucania},
  pages   = {1--5},
  year    = {2012},
  url     = {www.fastionline.org/docs/FOLDER-it-2012-245.pdf},
  urldate = {2015-07-21},
  journal = {The Journal of Fasti Online},

  author    = {Mann, Christian},
  title     = {\enquote{Um keinen Kranz, um das Leben kämpfen wir!}},
  subtitle  = {Gladiatoren im Osten des Römischen Reiches und die Frage der Romanisierung},
  publisher = {Verlag Antike},
  location  = Berlin,
  year      = {2011},
  series    = {Studien zur Alten Geschichte},
  number    = {14},

  author       = {Fentress, Elizabeth and John Bodel and Adam Rabinowitz and Rabun Taylor},
  title        = {Cosa in the Republic and Early Empire},
  pages        = {13--62},
  editor       = {Fentress, Elizabeth},
  booktitle    = {An Intermittent Town},
  booksubtitle = {Excavations 1991--1997},
  publisher    = UMP,
  location     = {Ann Arbor, Mich.},
  year         = {2003},
  volume       = {V},
  series       = MemAmAc,
  number       = {2},
  maintitle    = {Cosa},
  shortseries  = MemAmAc-short,

And this is the result:

enter image description here

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