I want to build a template for beamer as there need to build quite some presentations with it. I'm quite far but one point causes trouble for me at the moment:

I want the fooline not to be present on the titlepage. I can reach that by putting [plain] to the corresponding frame (see MWE below).

If possible I would prefer the template to handle this automatically. I tried things like

\setbeamertemplate{title page}{\setbeamertemplate{footline}{} ...}

but this seems not to have any effect. I found this answer but I want to avoid any constructs in the main presentation file. In this answer the headline in this case is removed but I think this just sifted out of the current page using spacings added.

So the way to go seems to be adding plain or the comparison with the frame number. The first page will be by 80% the title page but there might be mini-presentations that do not have any title page at all. I had to create some of these recently each having only two or three frames with a set of overlays.

Is there any better way to avoid typesetting the fooltline within the template on the title page only? I would like to write something like:


\titlepage % or not if it is only a few frames



Here comes an MWE of my solution so far:

% Default footline for whole presentation
\setbeamertemplate{footline}{My footline}

\setbeamertemplate{title page}{Here comes my title page}

Regular frame

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This can be done using a dedicated page style.



\title{My Presentation}

  \setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}
\addtobeamertemplate{title page}{\thispagestyle{navigation@titlepage}}{}



  \frametitle{My Frametitle}


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