I'm finishing my PhD thesis and I encounter my last problem (I hope) while trying to embody my picture in the biography section. I understand that wrapfigure can't be used in any type of list environment, however it appears that in template I'm using \appendix changes this environment. This is how main document looks:




\title[Title]{Subtitle} \author{Please}{Help}





%% Use Arabic numerals for the page numbers of the chapters. 

%% Turn on thumb indices. 


%% Use letters for the chapter numbers of the appendices. 


%% Turn off thumb indices for unnumbered chapters. 





There is no problem in using wrapfigure in chapter part, before \appendix, however after that it gives errors:

Wrapfigure used inside a conflicting environment


Stationary wrapfigure forced to float

and just includes picture bellow the text. Any way to work around this?

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    For us to help you, we need a MWE we can copy and run. Throw out everything you can and still reproduce the problem. Also, wrapfig is not the only way to handle images, especially for single paragraphs and no caption. – John Kormylo May 27 '20 at 14:07
  • Can you recommend some other ways? It's just simply adding picture with no captions and two paragraphs. – hellsing48 May 27 '20 at 14:16
  • Thanks, using minipage can do the job. Only problem left is that chapter title is on empty page while minipage box is position in the middle of next page. Is there a way to position minibox? – hellsing48 May 27 '20 at 15:33
  • Probably. As stated, earlier, a Minimal Working Example would help. – John Kormylo May 28 '20 at 0:23

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