Which options do I have to modify the font that PDFLaTeX used to typeset Greek letters in mathematical formulas?

For example:

\textgreek{mvopr} is `textgreek' and $\mu\nu\omicron\pi\rho$ is a formula


enter image description here

I do not like the standard rendering of Greek symbols too much. Please note I am not interested in

Happy to be corrected and provide additional info.

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You can use any math font package and its options (such as slantedgreek). The isomath package allows you to select any OML-encoded math font as one of your math alphabets, or you can use the LaTeX kernel’s \DeclareMathAlphabet for this. The isomath manual has a reasonably-comprehensive list of available fonts that support OML.

Additionally, mathastext allows you to select any LGR-encoded 8-bit font as your Greek math alphabet, with any math version. Check out the LaTeX Font Catalogue.

It’s more work, but there are tools to re-encode any TrueType or OpenType font into legacy 8-bit TeX encodings usable with PDFTeX.


This MWE uses GFS Porson as the Greek math font. From roughly the 1920s to the 1960s, Porson was a common Greek companion font to Monotype Modern, on which DEK based Computer Modern. You’ll notice how similar the shapes are to the default TeX Greek symbols.

\usepackage[LGRgreek, italic]{mathastext}

% Can also declare \MTgreekfont for each \MTDeclareVersion


\[ (x, y, z) \to ( \rho, \phi, \theta ) \]

GFS Porson + Latin Modern sample

The following is an extremely-contrived example of defining an upright bold-sans-serif math version, to match the formatting of a section header, using GFS Complutum as the matching math font. (If you are ever stuck trying to do this in PDFTeX, you might try Arev, a heavy sans-serif font that comes in OML.)




  From \(x\) and \(y\) to \(\theta\) and \(\phi\)%

We can map \( (x,y,z) \to (\rho,\theta,\phi) \).

CM Bright + GFS Complutum sample

  • Thanks, intriguing. A follow-up question is: where did you pick up the porson font family for example? If I look for it in the LaTeX font catalogue (type porson site:https://www.tug.org/FontCatalogue/ in your browser search box) I cannot find anything. In other words, at this point I would like to choose my favourite Greek font. Where can I get to know their names and preview them? Jul 1, 2020 at 13:42
  • 1
    @XavierStuvw You can check out the font-greek category on CTAN. You can also search your TeX installation for files that match the pattern lgr*.fd and oml*.fd.
    – Davislor
    Jul 2, 2020 at 4:44

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