I have decided to convert all my music sheets from analog paper to digital usign MusixTeX. In musixtex there is no barre long line with number, so i created it myself, but after it distance between adjacent notes increased (see image in attachment).enter image description here

And the beam does not reach the end. On the image there is two part of code: first with my barre and second without. I thought may be there is some method for ignoring position my element or may be method for put my element over the current. Thanks!


%%\fulltitle{Lute Suite in E Minor}

\newcommand{\barremy}[1]{$\stackrel{\text{#1}}{\scalebox{0.8}{\Large \Bigg \lfloor}}$}

        J.\,S. Bach\\

        % 1 instruments

        % instrument1(enbas) :2 portées

        % clefdefa(6)en1,clefdesol(0)en2


        \Notes \Ibu1Zi2\qb1{Zdf}\barremy{II}\tqh1i \en \bar
        \Notes \Ibu1Zi2\qb1{Zdf}\tqh1i \en \bar

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Solved it! Just applied negative hspace

\newcommand{\barreline}[1]{\hspace{-8.83pt}$\stackrel{\text{\scriptsize{#1}}}{\scalebox{0.8}{\Large \Bigg \lfloor}}$}

And got the result: enter image description here

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