I'm beginner in tikz package. Recently, with help of this site, I learned to build basic diagrams (graphs, trees), but I still don't understand these constructions the way I would like. I'm trying to draw the following diagram

enter image description here

I can't draw the curved arrows in the diagram. I would like help!


By default there are keys for loops left, right, above and below, but one can easily define a version for arbitrary angles, which allows one to modify also the opening angles and looseness, which controls how "long" the loop is.

\begin{tikzpicture}[angle loop/.style={out=#1+30,in=#1-30,loop,looseness=15},
    >={Stealth[bend]},auto,every state/.append style={minimum size=1.5em}]
    \node[state] (A){};
    \node[state,right=2cm of A] (B){};
    \path[->] (A) edge[angle loop=180,"{$(1,0)$}"] (A)
        (A) edge["{$(0,1)$}"] (B)
        (B) edge[angle loop=60,"{$(0,0)$}"] (B)
        (B) edge[angle loop=-60,"{$(1,1)$}"] (B);

enter image description here

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