I wonder whether it makes a difference to write numbers, e.g., 3.1416 in math mode $3.1416$ or it is exactly the same as in text mode. I have many numbers in my document, especially decimal numbers, and I have to decide if I put them in math mode (more cumbersome) or not.

I have made a mini test and see no difference


%Text mode
This is 3.1416 (\verb|3.1416|)

%Math mode
This is $3.1416$ (\verb|$3.1416$|)


enter image description here

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    Irrespectively of whether there is a difference in your MWE. there are tools like \everymath that selectively apply stuff to math mode expressions. So, unless you are sure that you will never use one of those (which are often implicit in packages) it is arguably cleaner to add the $ signs. – user194703 Jun 3 at 15:06
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    Have you seen the postings Numbers outside Math environment and When to use math mode? – Mico Jun 3 at 15:12
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    Try your example with -3.1416. – Ian Thompson Jun 3 at 15:22
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    Do you know the book “Discrete Mathematics” by Graham, Knuth and Patashnik? That very Knuth! In the book, numbers (when considered in their mathematical sense) are typeset in the Euler font: math mode is definitely needed. – egreg Jun 3 at 15:33
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    @Mico I think the first post you suggested, answers quite thoroughly my question. Sorry, I did not find it: you can mark as dupplicate. :-\ – loved.by.Jesus Jun 3 at 15:33