I'd liked to be able to run lualatex with a minimal TeX Live installation using tlmgr.

I've tried to start installing scheme-minimal but then cannot find what I should add to have the lualatex binary.

I've already added a number of individual packages (not especially related to LuaLateX) plus collection-luatex and lualatex-math. I thought maybe one of these two would come with lualatex as a dependency.

I've checked the $PATH is correct and also looked for the binary, but it's nowhere to be found, I only get directories:

# find / -name lualatex

luatex binary got installed, though.

I've already seen that installing scheme-medium should solve the problem, but I'd really liked to get the minimal installation size: I'm automating this install along several other things on a server and the minimal size for what is strictly required is important. If there's no other way than installing scheme-medium, then I'll do it, but I do hope there is another way.

I've been browsing CTAN website in vain and been doing a lot of tlmgr info --list collection-something and other tlmgr info --list package-that-looks-related but can't find the right collection or package. Where is it hidden?

(I don't think this is relevant, but this is all hosted in fresh up-to-date FreeBSD 12.1 jail)

  • If you want small, you have to take a scheme and add individual packages ...
    – Joseph Wright
    Jun 3, 2020 at 16:23
  • @JosephWright That's what I try to do starting with scheme-minimal, but which package would then bring lualatex binary?
    – zezollo
    Jun 3, 2020 at 16:27

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Start from scheme-minimal, you will need to add at least latex-bin. This installs LaTeX and the necessary structures to do format-building. Without other packages, this only covers lualatex and pdflatex: you'd have to add xetex for xelatex, for example.

Dependencies in TeX Live are not 'hard': there is not a strict list of dependencies for every package going all the way down to scheme-infra-only. In particular, there is an assumption that all LaTeX packages depend implicitly on having LaTeX installed. That happens automatically with scheme-small but not scheme-minimal.

  • Great!! Thank you very much, it worked fine! I just wonder how I could have found out by myself. I cannot even find latex-bin on CTAN.
    – zezollo
    Jun 3, 2020 at 16:47

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