Im trying to make a fancy presentation with beamer and i'd like to put some diagram like this

There is some software with rulers in the preview pdf or something like this to desing the beamer presentation?

I'm used to work with tikz, but i dont really where is the correct position without any ruler


Finally, to do this i set a grid as background whit 0.5cm separation. And i'm using this kind of frames:

    \useasboundingbox (0,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,\the\paperheight);
    %\fill[white,opacity=.25] (0,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,\the\paperheight);%this is just to see where i can put something
    %\node[text=white] at (1cm,9.2cm) ;
    \draw[-,line width=2pt ,amarillo] (0cm,8.5cm) to node[above,white] {\LARGE\ Problem:} (2.5cm,8.5cm);
    \node at (\the\paperwidth*0.5,7cm) {Este es el problema};
    \fill[morado] (0.5,3cm) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,4.5cm);

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