So I just moved from listings to minted, as listings had super annoying problems with lines showing up when the background color is set to dark. Minted, on the other hand, is annoying as there doesn't seem to be an easy way to define my own styles, except in python, but how would I achieve this in Overleaf?


I'm afraid this is not possible in Overleaf. You can load a custom lexer from a .py file without installing it, but unfortunately there isn't a way to load a Pygments style from a local .py file, without installing it or registering it as a plugin at the system level—this is not possible on Overleaf's compile servers.

If you have a requirement to use a custom style with Pygments, you'll need to install your own TeX distribution to compile on your own system.

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  • Aw man! Thanks 😊 – Zorobay Jun 9 at 14:58

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