Does anyone know how I can adjust the size and spacing of the circles to provide the language level in my modern CV template

For MWE please refer to:

Language Level in modern CV / Texexchange

Thanks for your help. Best Regards Sebastian

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So the two elements you want to change need to be changed within the \languageknowledge macro. As you can see I added a \LARGE% in there, but this could theoretically be any font size for the bullets. Below you can then see \hspace{1em}% which is the inter-bullet-spacing if you will.

This results in bigger bullets with a wider spacing:

enter image description here


% personal data
\name{First Name}{Last Name}
%\title{Computer Science} % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
\email{[email protected]}

% setting the colours according to \moderncvcolor
    % if you change the 4cm you can change the distance, the 4cm is the space
    % reserved for the language's name, immediately after it the dots are
    % printed.
    %\hfill % if you want the dots to be at the right margin

\small{Undergraduate UBC student completing a physics major with a biology minor. Passionate about science, philosophy and engineering with strong interpersonal skills and autodidactic tendencies.}
\section{Technical and Personal skills}


           \item \languageknowledge{Arabic}{5} %Five out of five
            \item \languageknowledge{English}{4} %Four out of five




            \item{One }



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    – Sebastian
    Commented Jun 12, 2020 at 21:03
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