As mentioned above I am creating my own outer theme and want the navigationbar from insertnavigation. My problem is that every frame is shown as a bullet point but i just need the section with the subsections, not the mini frames.

% Frame title


  \usebeamerfont{navigation symbols}
  \useasboundingbox[fill=white](0,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,1.2);
  \fill[MidnightBlue] (0,-9) rectangle(2.5,-8);
  \fill[MidnightBlue!70] (2.5,-9) rectangle(9.3,-8);
  \fill[SkyBlue] (9.3,-9) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,-8);
  \fill[MidnightBlue] (0,0.3455) rectangle (2.5, 1.2);
  \fill[SkyBlue] (0,-0.1) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,0.35);
  \fill[ MidnightBlue!70] (2.5,0.35) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,1.2);
  \node[anchor= west, white] at (0.3,0.15){\tiny\insertnavigation{0.85\paperwidth}};%
      {\node[anchor=west, white,font=\large] at (2.5,0.61){\insertframetitle};}

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! It would be much helpful if you can provide a complete example (also called MWE) showing what you get. – muzimuzhi Z Jun 11 '20 at 15:11

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