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I would need to create the graph using LaTex. I have no idea how to do it. Could you help? Thanks

  • You can use TikZ – Phil8544 Jun 13 '20 at 13:16

Welcome to TeX SX!

It is not very hard with pstricks:

\documentclass[border=6pt, svgnames]{standalone}%
\usepackage{pst-plot, pst-node}


\psset{arrowinset=0.15, linejoin, arrows= <->, linecolor=SteelBlue, labelsep=3pt}
\psaxes[ticks=none, labels=none](0,0)(-4,-3)(4.5,3)
% Define empty nodes for texts placement
 % Texts placement
 \uput[ur](regA){\enspace italiano regionale A}
 \uput[ul](regZ){italiano regionale Z\enspace }
 \uput[ur](regA){\enspace italiano regionale A}
 \uput[l](col){italiano colto}
 \uput[l](incol){italiano incolto}
 \uput{4ex}[-30](for){\Shortstack{italiano scritto\\ formale}}
 \uput{3.5ex}[u](infor){\Shortstack{italiano scritto\\ informale}}
 \uput[r](0, 1.5){DIASTRATIA}
 \uput{1.5ex}[d](-2, 0){DIATOPIA}
 \uput[r](0.6, -1.9){DIAFASIA}


enter image description here

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