I have a latex equation within an eqnarray as follows,

f(\xi) = \min \xi\\
where, \forall n_{j} \in N, \xi = \max (\xi_{1}, \xi_{2}, .., \xi_{j})\\
\forall n_{j} \in N, \sum_{C_{i} \in C} x_{ij} \leq \eta_{j}\\

But the problem is that the word "where" is getting emphasized which I do not want. The word max is not getting emphasized as it is reserved word preceded by a "\".

Is there any way I can deemphasize the word "where"? The same is the fate of the letters "s.t." - I also don't want them emphasized inside the eqnarray.

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    eqnarray gets a lot of scorn from the TeXperts. Consider using the AMS packages instead. – chrisaycock May 7 '12 at 22:10
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    Yes, you should avoid eqnarray: See \eqnarray vs \align – Peter Grill May 8 '12 at 15:52

It is not that "where" is getting emphasized; rather, it is being typeset as if it were a term in an equation, i.e. w*h*e*r*e. Write \mbox{where,} instead (or \text{where,} with amsmath). And you should do the same with s.t. on the next line.


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