I would like to change the nature style in biblatex. I tried to use "\DeclareFieldFormat" but it doesn't work.

This is my sample code.


This is a result. This is a nature style

It should be a regular style.

How can I change to a regular style for the journal field?

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Two things

  1. The first mandatory argument of \DeclareFieldFormat is not a list. It must be a single field name (or artificial format name). To change the format of multiple fields you need separate \DeclareFieldFormat invocations.

  2. Internally the title of a journal is called journaltitle in biblatex and not just journal. journal is only supported as a legacy alias in the .bib input.

Taking these two points into account we can come up with





Lorem \autocite{sigfridsson}

Sigfridsson, E. & Ryde, U. Comparison of methods for deriving atomic charges from the electrostatic potential and moments. Journal of Computational Chemistry 19, 377–395 (1998).

Note that I only changed the volume format for the types @article and @periodical (and not for all @in... types) to ensure a more consistent output between @inbook and @book.

  • Thank you. It's work. Commented Jun 19, 2020 at 6:14

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