I would like to place, just in the contents, a background image left-aligned, like this example and leave the page number closer to the chapter name: one aligned to the right, the other to the left, from the center.

I found something on the forum here, but it wouldn't be what I'm looking for:



I found this solution:

Formatting Multi-Page Table of Contents with Background Images

But it's not quite the design I'm looking for.

I need help, please

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$ Preamble:

% remove header in table of contents

$ Configuration Table of Contents:

    placement = center,
    contents = {\includegraphics[width=\paperwidth]{frame-contents.png}},
    scale = 1, % 15 is default for placement "center"
    angle = 0, % 60 is default for placement "center"
    opacity = 100,

 &  & \renewcommand\contentsname{Sumário} % Rename 'Contents'
  • It's not clear what you're trying to achieve here, and by itself it certainly does not reproduce the design above.
    – user9424
    Commented Jul 6, 2020 at 20:08

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