I use bigfoot for creating two types of footnotes. And also I want to place dots when long footnote continues on next page (\FN@beforebreak). I use \raisebox{12pt}[0pt][0pt] and it should be 0 height. But there still appears vertical space after the footnote break.

MWE (overleaf):




% fix bug in bigfoot 2015/08/30 2.1
% see https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/471379/footnote-marks-missplaced-with-bigfoot/


\blindtext[1]\footnote{\Blindtext[3][2] New line}
Some words\footnoteB{See the vertical space}
Text\footnoteB{no vertical space}


Preview before break:

enter image description here

Preview without break:

enter image description here

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The problem is that the beforebreak marker is typeset on the line below the text. Yes, you reach up by a line using \raisebox but that extra line is still there. Here are two versions that vertically backspace to hide that blank line.

First, backing up after the dots


Or backing up before the dots, and not raising them


Probably most satisfying is to avoid the interline skip entirely rather than erasing it

  \baselineskip\z@skip \lineskiplimit-\maxdimen

In the first two definitions I assumed line-spacing of 12pt, as in the question. A virtue of the third alternative is that no such assumption is needed.

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