If I create a tabular within a footnote, the position of the footnote number is not at the first line of the footnote, but in its middle:

Some text.\footnote{Some text inside a footnote. Longer than one line. The footnote number is in the first line.}

Some more text.\footnote{%
First column                     & Second column \\
Second row                       & Something. \\
Third row                        & Now here roughly we have the footnote number \\
Fourth row                       & Something more. \\
Fifth row                        & Something more. \\
Sixth row                        & Something more. \\
Seventh row                      & Something more. 

image of footnotes

Which is not what I would have expected. How would one shift the number to the top?

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Just provide the top alignment option [t] in your tabular environment will solve the issue, i.e.,


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