I am attempting to write/edit my own beamer template which currently defines the default frame to show the frame title, and above it, the section title where the slide appears in the presentation, i.e.

%% beamerouterthemeMyTheme.sty


% Position the frame title so that it would get into the headline
\vspace{\dimPlaceTitleInHeader} %% Some predefined dimension elsewhere
\usebeamerfont{section title}\color{black!20}%
%% I do not understand why if I remove this the title does not appear
\ifdefstring{\bWhiteFrame}{true}{\color{white}}{\color{black}}% %% \bWhiteFrame is just some boolean variable that in my context is always false.

Now, in my presentation preamble, I use the following code, to have the TOC appear right after each \section definition:

\RequirePackage{ifthen} % package required
\setboolean{sectiontoc}{true} % default to true
\AtBeginSection[]{%  %% Do nothing for starred sections

The problem is that in this way, everytime the TOC is shown, it will also show on top the section title (which repeats the currentsection shown in the TOC) and I would like to avoid it, showing only the TOC with the title Outline, but keeping all the other frames in my presentation with the default style (i.e. section title + title).

I have no idea if and how I could achieve this.

  • Please provide a complete example (also called MWE), it helps others to help you. – muzimuzhi Z Jun 21 '20 at 23:51

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