I'm trying to produce a separate index of Bible verses for an article and my problem is that well, I simply get no index. Error message is "File: bibref-xidx.sty not found" so I hope a manual installation should solve it, as it seems not to have been installed with the bibleref package. I can't find a directory from which the files can be downloaded manually.

Any ideas please?

  • There is no bibref-xidx.sty provided by bibleref. There is however a bibleref-xidx.sty so perhaps you have simply misspelt the package. A minimal example is needed if that's not the case. Mar 7 '13 at 12:52

If you look at the contents of bibleref.tex, which comes as part of the bibleref bundle on CTAN, you'll see the following lines (modified slightly here):

%% This is file `sample-xidx.tex', generated with the docstrip utility.

%% The original source files were: bibleref.dtx (with options: `sample-xidx.tex,package')


%% This work consists of the files bibleref.dtx and bibleref.ins and the derived files bibleref-xidx.sty, bibleref.sty, sample-categories.tex, sample-multind.tex, sample-xidx.tex, sample.tex, sample.ist, bibleref.perl.

So, in theory, the .sty file you're looking for should be included by default. But it isn't. In order to create it, run:

latex bibleref.ins

When I did that, one of the files it created was bibleref-xidx.sty, which you should put in your TeX tree along wherever bibleref.sty is found. And refresh the database with texhash or however that's done on Windows and Macs.

Finally, you should probably contact the maintainer of the package, alerting her of your problem. (See the bibleref.pdf for contact information.)

  • I had no success trying this, so I'm unsure if I applied your advice correctly as I'm not very experienced with this level of detail. Could you please clarify where this file should be created? Thank you!
    – Lin
    Mar 6 '13 at 11:06
  • @Lin-- Which step didn't work for you? (1) If you have the file bibleref.ins, (2) you need to run (regular) latex on it: open a terminal or command prompt in the directory where the file is and type: latex bibleref.ins. (3) This should create the file bibleref-xidx.sty. (4) Find where the file bibleref.sty is kept; (5) move the newly created file to the folder where bibleref.sty is found. (6) Re-fresh the database (e.g., sudo texhash in GNU/Linux; I'm not sure how to do it in other operating systems --- there's probably a button somewhere for it in MikTeX).
    – jon
    Mar 6 '13 at 17:05

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