I have a bunch of multi-page PDF files to be animated in various formats such as GIF, animated PDF, MP4, and animated SVG. To do so I write a batch file for each type of animations to animate those multi-page PDF files.

Only for the sake of simplicity, the code to produce a multi-page PDF is intentionally put into the animation-specific batch. In my real scenario, each batch only has code to produce a specific type of animation from a multi-page PDF.

The test input file to produce a multi-page PDF is given as follows:

% test.tex

Each animating batch needs a wrapper that I actually put in my local TeX directory. The wrapper is as simple as follows.

% wrapper.tex

And the animating batch is as follows.

rem animator.bat
echo off

rem %1 input filename without extension
rem %2 frame rate
rem %3 animate options such as palindrome, controls, autoplay, scale=1, loop, etc
rem %4 standalone border

rem pre-cleaning
for %%x in (aux log dvi ps pdf svg) do (if exist "%~1.%%x" del "%~1.%%x")

latex "%~1.tex"
dvips "%~1.dvi"
ps2pdf "%~1.ps"

latex  --jobname="%~1" "\def\FileName{%~1}\def\FrameRate{%2}\def\Options{%~3}\def\Border{%4}\input{wrapper}"

dvisvgm --bbox=papersize --font-format=woff --zoom=-1 "%~1" 

rem post-cleaning
for %%x in (aux log dvi ps) do (if exist "%~1.%%x" del "%~1.%%x")


Only for simplicity I put all of those files in a single directory. I invoke the batch from command prompt as follows

animator.bat test 10 "controls,scale=1,loop,autoplay,palindrome" 12pt

but I got the following errors.

LaTeX Warning: Reference `anim@abspage0' on page 1 undefined on input line 5.

! Package xkeyval Error: controls,scale=1,loop,autoplay,palindrome' undefined in families anim@user'.

See the xkeyval package documentation for explanation. Type H for immediate help. ...

l.5 ...aphics[\Options]{\FrameRate}{\FileName}{}{} % ?

How to fix this error?

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try \expandafter\animategraphics\expandafter[\Options]{\FrameRate}{\FileName}{}{}%

  • Out of topic: I found another problem when using --precision=x where x<6 as mentioned in my post here. Jun 23, 2020 at 14:14
  • Sorry. I meant x<4. Jun 23, 2020 at 14:23

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