I am writing solution manual of matric mathematics book. To design this book in latex I am using this geometry.






























































But the press wants me set the page margin of 9" by 6". The maximum empty space on the top and bottom should be 1".

I do not know how to set this setting. I just know how to write in latex but how to set the mention page size margin? please help!

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    You are already using the geometry package, read its manual. It has a super easy user interface. – daleif Jun 23 at 7:26
  • @daleif I try this $\usepackage[total={6in, 9in}, twocolumn, margin=1in, twoside]{geometry}$ but when i run and get the dpf, then zoom page level in pdf to 100 it has still page margin 11 by 8.5. – Noor Aslam Jun 23 at 11:09
  • Show your work. And please make your example minimal 85% of what you list here are not related to your question. – daleif Jun 23 at 11:23
  • Also your question does not make much sense. Is it the text block that needs to be 6" by 9", 9" margins make no sense. – daleif Jun 23 at 11:26
  • When you say total={6in,9in},margin=1in, the margin=... is negating the total=..., See the example just before section 3 in the manual. margin sets all the margins and recalculates the text block from that. But you just set attempted to set the text block via total. So instead of margin use left and say top as in the example in the marnual. – daleif Jun 23 at 11:30

You are not using geometry correctly. total={6in,9in} sets the size of the text block to be 6in by 9in. But your subsequent margin=1in recalculates the text block to have the width of the paper minus 2in and the height of the paper minus 2in.

See the example in the geometry manual right before section 3.

Here is an MWE with some added tikz to show where things are. Try for your self to see what happens with \usepackage[total={6in, 9in}, twocolumn, margin=1in, twoside]{geometry}






\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]

  \draw ($(current page.north west)+(1in,0)$)     -- ++(0,-30cm);
  \draw ($(current page.north west)+(1in+6in,0)$) -- ++(0,-30cm);

  \draw ($(current page.north west)+(0,-1in)$)     -- ++(30cm,0);
  \draw ($(current page.north west)+(0,-1in-9in)$) -- ++(30cm,0);




      \node[minimum width=1cm,draw,circle] (a) at (0,0) {$\alpha$};
      \node[minimum width=1cm,draw,circle] (b) at ($(a)+(2,0)$) {$\beta$};
      \node[minimum width=1cm,draw,circle] (c) at ($(b)+(2,0)$) {$\gamma$};

      \draw[->] (a) -- (b);
      \draw[->] (c) -- (b);
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  • @dalief Please brother set it for me I tried a lot but i can not get the desire. – Noor Aslam Jun 23 at 17:05

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